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It is the many years spent as a creative working alongside established designers in luxury fashion that triggered Michel Rosenfelder’s interest in seeing the beauty of unexpected aesthetic forms, and moreover his personal experience pushed him, unconsciously, to express himself artistically. 

His fascination with walls that he contemplates and studies at length during his travels is of the physical and symbolic order. He dwells on materials damaged by time, cracked coatings, patinas, urban accidents and extracts, sometimes figurative, but often abstract images that question the perception of the urban landscape and create a dialogue with the viewer;  a response to the “wall of incomprehension” that crosses his path. Beyond purely aesthetic research, precisely selecting the perimeter of the vertical surface which touch him through his lens, he cuts down what delimits, partitions and gives meaning to space and he opens imaginary windows … The opacity and the secrets of the ancient walls are dissipated, a presence is manifested, what is near becomes distant, and he offers then the opportunity to immerse in an image that exists only if we want to see it …Partitioning becomes a contemplative space. 

Attentive to preserve the authenticity of what he perceives, he uses no filter and does not retouch the cliché, only the enlargement of the print sublimates the beauty of the material.



Surfaces and Textures